Muslim Extremists lead Jail Break


Suspected bomb makers are amongst 158 people freed from a Phillipine Jail. The Jail located in  Kidapawan city was stormed by a group of  upto a 100 Muslim Militants at around 1am local time on Wednesday. This is the second jail break at the prison in several months and the tactic is one used across the Middle East by Muslim Extremist groups on a regular basis.

During the escape one prison gaurd was killed along with five inmates. The jail break is the largest in Phillipine history. Jail warden Peter Bongat told The Philippine Star: “It was not a jailbreak. It was a planned rescue of certain detainees.”.

He later told CNN them those that escaped were tied to terrorist groups in the area saying “most of them are Moro Islamic Liberation Front members”.

Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) is believed to be responsible for the attack, a group which splintered from the Moro Islamic Liberation Front; who have entered peace talks. However the area is home to several extremist organisations such as BIFF who are c
ommitted to establishing an independent Islamic state separated from the rest of the largely Catholic Philippines.











































































































































































































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