Jack-Renshaw-and-British-neo-Nazis-565965.jpgCounter terrorism Police have arrested and bailed Blackpool Neo Nazi Jack Renshaw. Renshaw a former BNP activist and prodigee of Nick Griffin was arrested on suspicion of two offences contrary to Section 18 of the Public Order Act 1986 – using threatening/abusive/insulting words or behaviour or displaying written material with intent/likely to stir up racial hatred.

Renshaw who previously acted as a spokesman for theBNP Youth and more recently involved with the now perscribed group National Action said at demonstration in Blackpool that.Jews were “parasites” and claimed that white people were “a superior race” adding that the UK were wrong to fight the Nazi’s in world war 2 saying it was the chance “to remove Jewry from Europe once and for all”

Jack was previously expelled from the English Defence League for his far right views, with reformed former organiser EDL Liam Wood telling Ellcee “Jack came along to a couple of our meet ups after lying about his age. We Later discovered  he was homophobic and anti jewish, which wasn’t in line with the mantra and agenda of the EDL. We expelled him from the group only for him to launch an online campaign of harrassment and lies against me through BNP’s official media, which led to me recieving death threats.”

Wood himself irked the far-right when he launched a damning expose on Charlene Downes’s family. Which was later covered by the Times newspaper; leading to the investigation into the girls death to be reopened.The Downes family allege that Muslim groomers raped and killed their daughter, but it emerged through Wood’s report that Charlene disapeered following systematic abuse in the family home.

Following his arrest Police confirmed to the Blackpool Gazette that once arrested he was further arrested for comments made at an event in Yorkshire in 2016.Where he said “Hitler was wrong… he showed mercy to people who did not deserve it…we have hindsight.. we see what the Jew did when offered mercy. We need to learn from the mistakes of the National Socialists. We must not show the Jews any mercy. He is nature’s social vermin. He needs to be irradiated”. Renshaw also called for a “Holy War”.


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