A Swedish taxi driver has been scentenced to six months in jail following multiple offences against female customers. The 51 year old man; whose name has not been released, is a Muslim migrant originally from Iran.

He was granted Swedish citizenship in 2006 and later became a taxi driver in 2010. His campaign of terror against woman began in 2014. When he was reported for sexual assault following an incident where he groped a womans breast and demanded sex. She escaped unharmed and reported it to the police describing the man as “in his 50s. Foreign descent. Black short hair. Dark bags under the eyes. Talked good Swedish and spoke very quietly.” The police later dropped the investigation and he was able to contine driving.

in 2015, a 25 year old woman come forward again claiming sexual assault. When the taxi driver grabbed the woman and forced his tounge down her throat. The investigation was “put on ice” and he continued to drive customers.

Less then a year later in the summer of 2016, four woman were picked up by the driver before an argument about the fare ensued. The driver gabbed one of the woman by the hair and smashed her head off the vehicles side. He then threatened to  to drive them all to death and zigzags back and forth across the road with the car. Eventually the woman managed to escape as did the driver who ran one of the womans feet over in the process.

One of the woman involved in the incident said “I’ve never been so scared in all my life, says one of the women about the incident.”

The man has been scentenced to six months in jail and sacked by his employer. He was scentenced for sexual assault, assault and unlawful threats. Despite his conviction he still remains licensed to drive a taxi and could resume driving once his jail scentence has been completed. The man has also took the case to the Court of Appeal and claims ” he is innocent of all charges”.

In recent times Sweden has been dubbed the “rape capital of Europe” by the Gatestone Institute. In 1996 the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention report claimed that “Muslim immigrants from North Africa were 23 times more likely to commit rape than Swedish men”


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