Chelsea Manning to be released early


President Obama has  today commuted the prison sentence of Chelsea Manning. Manning a transgender soldier; formerly known as Bradley Manning, was convicted of stealing 750,000 pages of documents and videos to WikiLeaks. One such leaks is rumoured to be the Collateral Murder video, a video which show US troops killing an unarmed journalist.

Manning was scentenced for 35 years in 2013 but following todays news will now be released in May. Manning was convicted of 20 out of 22 possible charges (including violating the US Espionage Act. She is currently been held at Fort Leavenworth and reportedly tried to commit suicide twice in the last year. Mannings family told ITV News reporter Robert Evelyn “At least now she will get a chance to lead her own life” and that the news “absoloutley amazing”.

273 other inmates have recieved commutations or pardons today, taking the total  of  commutations to 1,385  and 212 pardons. This is the most in any Presidents history. This has led to fresh calls for Edward Snowdan to be pardoned from criminal charges however the White House has already ruled that.


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