Inauguration “Deploraball” targeted by Anarchists.

Washington DC played host to the inauguration weekend event known as the “Deploraball”. The ball was dubbed the “deploraball” after Hillary Clinton labelled Trump s8upporters deplorables during the Presedential race last year. The black tie event was attended by people wearing suits , tuxedos and ballgowns and was hosted by Gays for Trump and took place at the National Press Club.

The event saw over a thousand protesters demonstate outside and engaging in civil disobedience forcing cops to step in and make arrests, at least one was pepper sprayed. . Political commentator Gavin McInnes was forced to defend himself; he spoke to infowars following the event where he claimed Protesters hurled feces, urine and batteries at people attending the event.

Protesters also tried to block the entrance to the event, a tactic DisruptJ20 have encouraged in their literature heading into the Inauguration weekend. Other plans have included using smoke and stink bombs along with disrupting metro systems by chaining trains together.

Fires have also been deliberatly lit outside the venue according to reports forcing police to intervene to prevent a repeat of the previous protest outside Trump tower, where a man set fire to himself.

Police said they arrested a 34-year-old D.C. man near the event and charged him with conspiracy to commit an assault and were looking for two others.

Around 250,000 people are expected in Washington to protest the inaugaration, with 22 permits granted for first amendment events. With video emerging of coaches arriving in the city, fetching protesters from other cities. Believed to be funded by George Soros

Meanwhile thousands of “bikers for trump” have also arrived promising a “wall of meat” to protect the event and support law enforcement. Of which there will be 28,000 on duty, huge fences have also been errected in an effort to seperate protesters from the official event and prevent an attack occuring either from a terrorist threat or the left wing anarchists.


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