ISIS Drug Jihad as they take control of the drug industry.

Intelligence officials are warning that Islamic “extremism” or as we call it fundamentalism is taking hold of Europe and is funded by exploiting the drug trade. A report in the Daily Mirror states “In Albania Islamic State is raising cash for its terror campaign by running cannabis farms and shipping the drug to Britain.”

The cannabis farms were raided in 2014 and the Albanian mafia was moved out allowing Islamic fundamentalists to move in. It’s believed they then ship the drugs to italy where they are distubuted across Europe and into Italy.

Dr Vladimir Pivovarov, a former military intelligence officer, said: “It is well known that Albania and other countries in the region have citizens joining ISIS.Western intelligence identified Balkan countries as the most active in providing ­recruits for jihad. There is no doubt that the best recruits for the jihadists are those that were in the Mafia. Already schooled in violence, they even pay their own way because the dirty money that the jihadists then gain when they recruit Mafia recruits helps to further swell the jihadist coffers. With new recruits and money, the Mafia in the region is exactly the reason why Muslim extremism is establishing itself in this part of Europe.”

The Cannabis industry is said to be worth over £4 Billion to ISIS and recent CIA intelligence claims Albania is”increasingly active transhipment point for Southwest Asian opiates, hashish, and cannabis transiting the Balkan route and – to a lesser extent – cocaine from South America destined for Western Europe.” and aso”active and expanding in Europe; vulnerable to money laundering associated with regional trafficking in narcotics, arms, contraband, and illegal aliens.”

The news comes months after Russian officials claimed ISIS had taken over the global Heroin trade. With the Daily Star claiming “TERROR killers ISIS could be primed for a £33bn-a-year income explosion by peddling Afghan heroin in UK and European cities.” It’s believed the Heroin comes from Afghanistan and is then refinded in Turkish labs before been exported to the UK and the rest of Europe.

The National Crime Agency in the UK has confirmed that nearly all the estimated £4bn of heroin sold the Britain’s streets each year comes from Afghanistan.

The transit of heroin from Afghanistan into Europe has increased ten fold since the occupation of the region. Meaning that ISIS and other terror groups are employing a drugs jihad against Europe, whilst using the money raised to fund terror.




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