@washingtonpost Misleading people LGBT rights page has disapeared

The Washington Post is reporting that the “LGBT rights page disappears from White House web site”. This headline could cause fear and panic amongst the LGBT community and LGBT rights activists who believe Trump and Pence are homophobic.

However the page hasn’t been removed at all it has simply been transfered. A report on snopes.com states “WhiteHouse.gov issued an announcement explaining the digital transition that would take place on Inauguration Day. For instance, all of the messages posted by Barack Obama under the @POTUS handle on Twitter were transferred to a new @POTUS44 account, giving Donald Trump the opportunity to take over the previous presidential Twitter account @POTUS. In the same way, the content related to the Obama administration on WhiteHouse.gov was migrated to a new web site, ObamaWhiteHouse.Archives.gov:”

So anyone looking for LGBT rights relating to the Obama administration should go to the new website, where they will find the content they saw previously. As Trumps presidency takes hold pages relating to his policy and actions will appear on whitehouse.gov, which is a website for the current and present administration, of Donald Trump.

EDIT for people who cant find the LGBT rights page its here



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