Spain and others in UK Brexit Trade agreement,

Spain are looking to start post Brexit trade talks as soon as possible. The statement comes after the EU stated that any UK trade agreements executed before leaving the European Union, would breach treatment obligations to the EU and could possibly be illegal.

European Commission Vice President Frans Timmermans said in a recent interiew, . “It’s a very simple legal situation, everybody can talk to everyone, but you can only sign a trade agreement with a third country once you have left the EU. You can’t do that before.”

The news comes as Theresa May looks set to head to the United States to hold Donald Trump to his promise of a bilateral trade agreement with a post Brexit Britain, which some reports claim could happen within the next sixty days.

In addition Spain look set to defy the EU by also opening negotiations with the UK. With  Spain’s foreign minister stating he doesn’t want to “punish” the UK for leaving the EU. Instead he will aim to form new trade agreements which benefit both countries. He said “We are interested in getting a result that is good for both sides. We won’t give up that interest for the sake of strict procedural requirements.”

He added “We want to preserve a close relationship with the UK. We think that is possible.”

Trade agreements with New Zealand also continue. ” Britain and New-Zealand’s trading relationship was worth over £3billion last year, while the UK is New Zealand’s fifth-largest bi-lateral trading partner and second-largest foreign investor.”





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