Black Panthers to hold armed protest.

The Black Panther Party has shocked officials and residents in Wilmington, USA by announcing an “armed human rights march and armed freedom ride” this coming Sunday. The group founded in 1966  advocates “the use of violence and guerilla tactics to overthrow the U.S. government”. The group has previously been described as “terrorists” by commentators.

The literature for the march states the group intends to march against “terrorism and genocide” a reference to the black genocide conspiracy theory and calls for justice for indivduals shot by the US Police. Including Walter Scott, who was wanted on charges of shooting a New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office deputy when he was shot and killed by police officers. In a shooting deemed both lawful and “justified” when investigated.

The city has confirmed it has been notified of the march but the correct paperwork is yet to be completed. On the march Bill Saffo; Mayor of Wilmington said ” “If you want to picket or you want to demonstrate in the City of Wilmington, it’s your right to do that, but you’re not allowed to bring a gun.”

Meanwhile Donald Trump has come in for criticsm from the mainsteam media; for boarding Air Force 1 and not waving off to the assembled media and staff on the ground. Something described as a “time honoured tradition”. CNN went so far as to call the move “unprecadented” despite the fact former POTUS JFK did the same thing.


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