Israeli citizen targetted by Palastinian Terror Attack

An Israeli citizen has found himself victim of a terror attack. Fortunatly for the man, he managed to escape the incident described as a “terror shooting” by IDF forces. Who continue to search  outside the Palestinian village of Ni’lin, north of Ramallah, for the suspect involved in the attack. The vehicle sustained significant damage including a blown windshield.

Meanwhile Donald Trump has spoken with Isareli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday; in what was described as a “very warm” conversation. Trump has also made it clear he intends to move the US Embassey in the region to Jerusalem but commented it was “to soon” to discuss such a move in a recent interview.

Trump has also held up an 11th hour payment Obama planned to make to Palastine. A report in the Business Insider states “The State Department is reviewing a last-minute decision by former Secretary of State John Kerry to send $221 million dollars to the Palestinians late last week over the objections of congressional Republicans.”


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