Kind Hearted Israel to adopt 100 Syrian refugee children

Israel’s authorities have announced they plan to adopt 100 Syrian children, who have been left orphaned by the countries civil war. This is despite the fact that Israel and Syria have no diplomatic relations.

The heartwarming move by the authorities comes after, Israeli Interior Minister Aryeh Deri; “authorized the Interior Ministry’s Population and Immigration Authority last week to begin contacting relevant agencies to facilitate the absorption of children who have survived the fighting.”

The children who have survived the fighting and lost their parents, will initially be housed in boarding houses before been housed with families, there temporary residence could become permanent after just four years and may include some of their relatives too.

It’s not the first act of kindness showed by Israel to it’s neighbours during the conflict. Nearly 3000 Syrians including 1000 children have been treated at Israelli hospitals and numerous Jewish agencies have fundraised money to support aid efforts in the region.


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