Pakistan aquits 112 men who torched Chrisitan neighbourhood.

Islamic Republic of Pakistan, authorties have sensationally aquitted over a hundred Muslim men who were accused of torching the home of Christians. The incident occured in 2013, when a Chrisitan man was accused of beaching Pakistan’s strict Blasphemy laws. Accoring to reports Sawan Masih made derogatory remarks about the Prophet Mohammed. An offence that carries the death scentence in Pakistan.

Thankfully no ne died in the incident, in which one twitter commentator called “an act of religious persecution”, However 125 homes were damaged and two churches were also desecrated.

The men accused of torching the neighbourhood which is described as “destitute”, were aquiited after the courts found there was a lack of evidence. Defence lawyer Ghulam Murtaza Chaudhry said “”They were acquitted by the court because of lack of evidences against them, The state witnesses could not identify the accused and their statements were also contradictory.”

Sawan Masih, was scentenced to death for breaking the strict blasphemy laws, which he has since appealled. He says the claims of him blaspheming came after a property dispute. Other people who have been accused of blasphemy in region have been murdered or gone into hiding. Chrisitian persecution is common in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, with murderers of Chrisitian’s been considered matyrs and heros.


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