“Allahu Akbar” attack at Quebec Mosque

A mass shooting labelled a “terrorist attack on muslims” by  Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, has taken place earlier today. The attack took place at the Islamic Cultural Center of Quebec. As worshippers attending prepared to pray. The attack has claimed the lives of at least six and injuring another eight but 39 others went unharmed during the attack.

Very few details are known at this time about the attack, but witnesses claim the attacker shouted “allahu akbar” as he opened fire and was wearing a mask. Two suspects were arrested with one described as been “Moroccan”. He was later aquitted and his status in the case was changed to that of a witness. Two properties have since been searched following the attack with a number of weapons been recovered. Both were students of Quebec’s Université Laval. An AK-47 is believed to have been used in the attack, which is a restricted under Canada’s gun laws.

Alexandre Bissonnette is the man believed to be behind the attack and is awaiting court scentencing. His charges have not been made public and no clear motive has been outlined. He was found by police after he phoned 911 to hand himself in after feeling “guilty”.

Bissonnette is a member of numerous feminist groups on facebook. He also liked pages relating to Donald Trump, The pope, and Richard Dawkins. He also made postings on the site which were related to atheism and in favour of Israel. His favourite music group is Weezer and he was also a fan of the satanic Maralyn Manson.  His political affiliations were to the The New Democratic Party; a social-democratic political party in Canada.

The left, seems to be rejoicing in the fact the shooter is indeed a white Donald Trump supporting male. Whilst forgetting that all 88 terror attacks in December 2016 were carried out in the name of Islam. Many commentators are blaming Donald Trump’s rehtoric for the attack but that is still unknown at this time and to attribute blame to Trump based on facebook likes is jumping to conclusions. It is very possible that this man was executing the attack to defend womans rights or his love of sprite if facebook likes were a true indicator of motive. All they offer is an insight into his personality and his beliefs and we cant make assumptions based on that.

Donald Trump has phoned Canadian President Trump Trudeau to offer condolences in wake of Quebec mosque shooting. Sean Spicer told the press “this was an act of senless violence which can not be tolerated”.

More details about the incident are to be released shortly.



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