Muslim Terrorists Boko Haram attack convoy and kill soldiers

Muslim terrorists belonging to Boko Haram have attacked a convoy of motorists, including their milatry escorts. The road which stretches between Bulabulin and Dogonwaya villages  and is highly described as ” one of the most dangerous routes in northeastern Nigeria for three years because of Boko Haram attacks.”

The road was recaptured by Nigerian forces last year, but vehicles passing through are escorted by the milatry. The attack saw seven people killed, and “many others” injured. Including soldiers, who returned gun fire during the attack. So far Nigerian authorties have yet to comment on the attack.

The attack comes just three days after Boko Haram attempted to takeover a military base in Kamaya. Members of Boko Haram, stormed the building but were thwarted by the soldier inside the base. Boko Haram is said to have took a  “heavy loss of members” during the failed raid.


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