Understanding the Qu’ran and Islam

People often accuse terrorists of using their own interpretations of the religion of Islam, but that idea is based on a lack of understanding of qu’ran. The terrorists are essentially Islamic fundamentalists and they inerpret the quran in the literal form as it is meant to be read in. To be a Muslim ” one must believe that the Quran is the literal and inerrant word of God revealed to Prophet Muhammad”. Mohammed is of course the perfect example and the quran should be followed word for word offering “divine guidance”in order to be a good Muslim.

There is much confusion with how to interpret the quran because the quran isnt laid out chronilogically, its laid in size of chapter; which provides a false narrative on the timeline and teachings of Islam which are featured in the book.

If it was you would see the peaceful passages at the front and as the book progesses you would see it devolve into crys of war and hatred fueled by violence. In the quran if you have two passages on the same subject, say the jews for example, your supposed to take the later passage as the correct teaching and it supacedes the one before it. This is the principle known as “abrogation.” The bad news for non-Muslims is that all the intolerant and violent passages abrogate the earlier tolerant and peaceful ones.

This is because the nature of Mohammad’s revelations totally changed once he gained military power. He started out peacefully and rather unsuccessfully, so he became a warlord and spread the religion through hate and war. Forcing people to convert or face death.

The principle remains the same today with the term “religion of peace” acting as a a deceptive trojan horse. Which allows islam a foothold in a community, society or culture before unleashing it’s true evil nature. this is because of a thing called the taqiyya.which means its acceptable to lie and be deceptive about islam if the “circumstances are typically those that advance the cause of Islam – in some cases by gaining the trust of non-believers in order to draw out their vulnerability and defeat them.”

Now opponents to this idea will state that this is no different to the bible. However the Bible is meant figurativley and metaphorically for a large majority and is only intended to be taken literal from Genesis to Revelation. It’s often said that in Levictus Jesus also gives instruction similar to Islam, however this is to be ignored as it’s part of the old testament and died with Jesus on the cross.

Islam is political ideology and war manual designed to establish an Islamic caliphate, which is governed by sharia law. This is exactly what ISIS are fighting to achieve now using their fundamentalist beliefs to propagate the Islamic agenda and anyone who considers themselves to be in the “image of Mohammed” and a “good muslim” should share the same beliefs. This completly conflicts with Western civilised culture and if multiculturasim is going to work in Europe. Muslims must open there minds to some form of Islamic secular reform.

Progressive Islam is one way forward with the advocasy of Mohammed’s words to be framed “in his particular time and context” and they even “set aside” some passages completly. The problem is that many of the migrants and refugees that are been imported into Europe today do not believe in this form of Islam and follow one of the various other sects of the religion that are more hardline. These can be openly practised across Europe, no matter what the rhetoric and produces terrorism against our people. There is an assumption that given time, as they become wealthier, get an education and escape war,they will become more civilised to the Western way of life and therefore become more liberal.

However we’ve had Muslim immigration since the 1980’s in the UK, yet around 81% of Muslims think of themselves as Muslim first and British second and  28% of British Muslims hope that Britain would one day become an Islamic state. This demonstrates that even with time, Muslim fundamentalists will hold values contrary to our own and more in line with the true interpretation of the Qu’ran.



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