I find it truly sickening and distressing that leftists and the mainstream media revel in the fact; the Quebec Mosque shooter was a white nationalist. The shooting was a despicable act and cowardly, it should never happen and people do not deserve to be killed for practising a certain faith or religion. That said, it’s hard to ignore the fact, that this incident is a huge anomaly in the grand scheme of terrorism. This month alone, their has been 140 incidents of Islamic terrorism worldwide and the Quebec attack was a direct response of that.
It was a direct response to the islamafaction of the west, the breakdown of multiculturalism and western culture that has been caused by mass immigration. It has been caused by the refusal of many Muslims to integrate with their new communities along with the terror and crime they have brought. All this is overlooked in favour of deamonising Donald Trump for the actions of one radical.
We are told time and time again, when an Islamic terrorist attack happens that Islam is not blame and its a few radicals that are to blame. So if the left and the MSM is to remain consistent with that argument, then they should appreciate that one nationalist attack does not represent the patriotic movement led by the likes of Donald Trump and Nigel Farage.
When Islam calls for the death of Jews, Catholics, Gays, Non-Believers and all other enemies, Islam condemns. Then Islam will naturally face opposition and that’s not islamapobic, that’s common sense. People are quick to accuse Donald Trump of been a Nazi for wanting to protect his nation from the problems of Islam that Europe has suffered. However, if he stood for the same values of Islam without invoking the name of Islam, he would actually be considered a Nazi by very definition. Islam radicalises its own opponents by preaching hate and the west continues to appease Islam in spite of this and in spite of the fact it threatens western culture by its very existence.
So whilst it is right to condemn the Quebec Mosque killer, we should also condemn Islam. However those who don’t understand Islam will continue to defend it and in doing so they open the door to continued terrorism, from both sides. It’s time to stop appeasing Islam and its followers and instead open the door to sensible, honest, open and frank debate on Islam’s place in the west. More has to be done to encourage progressive Islam as the way forward for Muslims, so their religion can undergo the same cultural reforms Christianity did in the medieval ages.
My prayers and sympathies go out to all victims of terrorism throughout the world.

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