Milo Yiannopoulos “evacuated” as Berkley event is cancelled and Protesters go on a violent rampage as police stand down.

Gay Icon, Journalist and Conservative speaker Milo Yinapollous was forced to cancel yet another event tonight as protests aimed at shutting down his event turned into riots leading to Milo and his team having to be “evacuated” from the University Campus of Berkley.  The event, which sold out in just forty-eight hours of going on sale last year, is just of many on a national tour by the Breitbart editor, which he has dubbed “the dangerous faggot tour”.

Yinapollous is often cited as been a lead-ringer of the alt-right something he vehemently denies. Instead he delivers political statements based on fact in a humorous and entertaining way. He has previously spoken on the Feminism, Islam, Immigration, Donald Trump, Abortion and a host of other conservative ideas. This has led to him been dubbed homophobic and racist, by opponents, something he laughs off in good humour often quipping about his homosexuality and desires to sleep with black men.

Police initially fought back the protesters with rubber bullets and tear gas. But the protest turned violent, with windows at the Martin Luther King centre been smashed and missiles such as fireworks been aimed at police.

After the cancellation Milo commented “One thing we do know: the Left is absolutely terrified of free speech and will do literally anything to shut it down.”

His sentiment was echoed by Ari Cohn, director of the foundation of  Individual Rights Defense Program, said in a statement “The increasing unwillingness to allow anyone on campus to hear ideas with which one disagrees poses a grave risk to students’ intellectual development”

Milo’s event at Berkley is just one of forty-two,that have been forced to cancel in the last twelve months with a quarter of them been part of Milo’s Dangerous Faggot tour. Preventing free speech in America is a breach of the first amendment rights a fundamental part of the american constitution, which should likely spark out rage on both sides of the political spectrum. Although left wing outlets such as the Gaurdian are yet to call this a riot suggesting instead the crowd was “festive”

Lana Wachowski defended using extreme tactics to deny Yiannopolous a platform. Telling the paper “The moral imperative is to win,” she said. “There’s something to be said for fighting according to a code, but if you lose, people are going to die. People are going to get deported.”

The Protest, was forced back off the campus but turned into a blown riot, with fires lit around the town, roads and buildings marked with anti trump graffiti and trash cans strewn across streets. Car’s were vandalised and burglarized and bank’s were targeted during the riots with windows been smashed, a local credit union designed to help low-income (predominantly black) family’s in the area also sustained damage. ATM machines were also damaged and one bank was set alight after a flare was thrown into a bank after the windows were smashed, leading one of the protesters who could be heard on the live steam saying “this is not what im here for, this is wild”. Proving that the actions of the rioters are damaging their own cause.

The riots were led by Anti-FA and Black Lives Matters, who have continued to hijack protests and turn them into riots since Trump’s inauguration. The groups use the infamous Black-bloc tactic. Which is when, a gathering forms together in masks and dressed in black to avoid identification and resistance. An idea based on “safety in numbers” At the front of the protests was a huge banner urging people to “become ungovernable” and one of the organisers was heard to say over a megaphone “make these the best four years of your lives, smash the system” instigating more violence.

The violence was organised over the Signal Messenger service. A service which delivers communication  “instantly while avoiding SMS fees, create groups so that you can chat in real time with all your friends at once, and share media all with complete privacy. The server never has access to any of your communication and never stores any of your data.” Anti-Fa groups encourage demonstrators to use this service as they can prevent information relating to their activity been leaked by using ” encrypted groups”.

Wells Fargo, was one of a number of shops looted along with a starbucks was that was also targeted by the rioters, despite the fact they have come out publicly to say they would be employing thousands of refugees in the next twelve months. One of the rioters was heard to say “fuck starbucks there Zionists cunts” before promptly looting the store.

Cops were also forced to rescue a Donald Trump supporter who intended to attend the event; he was left bloody and beaten. Another victim later refused medical treatment according to police radio transmissions. However the police allowed the rioters pretty much free rein to protest and riot once they left the campus. Leading to huge numbers of violent protesters damaging a down town area. One stream of the riot went down after the man filming appeared to be assaulted by those who insisted he “stopped filming”. There is no word yet on how many people have been attacked but the Police radio feed has been asking for a medic to attend at least six incidents since I started listening hours ago. Video has also emerged of a woman wearing a trump hat been pepper sprayed by those engaging in political violence. Many of whom had homemade shields and other weapons.

This is a sad day for america and I’m sure lady liberty is crying somewhere, the social justice warriors on the left serve only to further divide their cause and damage democratic support. The unwillingness of the left to engage in proper dialogue and debate is worrying, especially considering they label anyone with a differing view, a fascist.

Winston Churchill once quipped “the Fascists of the future will be the anti-fascists” sadly  that day has come, the media was prevented from reporting by method of violence, a conservative speech was shut down and rioters attacked those on the other side of the political debate whilst expressing anti-semitic sentiments when attacking starbucks, a business that holds liberal values.

No word yet on any arrests but the police it took two hours for the police to arrive on scene of the riot, by which time the one thousand strong group had dispersed into smaller gatherers in various parts of the city,or simply gone home to enjoy the proceeds of their looting. One man was witnessed by police driving home with 64 inch flat screen tv, again he wasn’t detained.

One has to wonder why the rioters were allowed to riot for two-three hours and why once they dispersed the crowd from the campus did they stand down? The California Governor is a determined opponent of President Trump; so it will be interesting to hear his comments on tonight’s violence in the coming days and whether he will condemn the anti-trump movement.

To see video of the violence visit our twitter page


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